Siba Field Development Phase 2


The SIBA FLOWLINES AND TRUNKLINES PROJECT was awarded to AKT Oil Services Company on the 25th of October 2018 by Kuwait Energy Iraq Limited. The project involved a complete phase two gas field development and subsequent connection to the existing central processing facility.

April 25, 2018

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Project details
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The project involved all mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation works for the;

  1.  Complete construction of #2500 rated six inch 6 Nos. well heads facilities and flowline with a total pipe length of 13.9km.
  2.  Complete construction of a new #2500 12” gas gathering HUB facility.
  3. Complete construction of a 4.4km #2500 12” trunkline with end facilities to run from the HUB station to the Central Processing Facility (CPF).
  4. Complete Construction of the #2500 12” HUB to CPF feed inlet instrument protected piping channel with all instrument connected to the existing CPF control admin building.
  5.  Complete construction of three redundant 33kv, 11kv power stations to power up all new facilities in this field.
  6. Complete heat treatment for over 6000 welded joints.
  7. Complete trenching & laying over 50km combined length of power, instrument and fibre optic cables.
  8. Complete construction of about 6.5 km of tar graded access road and another 4k of unpaved graded roads.

AKT Oil Services Company, during this work, expended over 800 tons of steel, 8200m3 of concrete, 900,000 liters of diesel and performed over 10000 tons of heavy lifting in completing this project.

AKT Oil Services Company also had course to deploy:

  1.  Four heavy duty mechanical fabrication workshops.
  2. Maintained three 150 personnel capacity personnel living camps.
  3. Engaged about fifty sub-contractors for various supplies.
  4. Employed and maintained over 60 exparts, 100 key staff, plus over 300 community workers.

AKT Oil Services Company also maintained three international procurement organization each providing strategic, operational and supportive resource of tools, consumables equipment etc.

The project was completed successfully in March 2020 within schedule without incidence.

On this project, AKT Oil Services Company Recorded 0 LTI in over 1 million Man-hour of w