Construction of 20 6 4 pipelines for dry gas condensate and LPG with a total length of 102km


The construction and pre-commission of 44km length of 20" Dry gas pipeline, 14 km length of 6" condensate pipeline, and 44km length of 4" LPG pipeline a total of 102km.

November 7, 2014

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Project details
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  1. This project include the transportation, stringing, welding, Non Destructive Testing, trenching, lowering, backfilling and Pre-commissioning. Augur borings for road crossings and two horizontal directional drilling scopes 4" & 20"(HDD) for river crossings.
  2. Also, the construction and installation of piping works for the launcher and receiver station at each end of the pipelines and the construction of a block valve station midway of the pipelines.
  3. For the instrument scope AKT Oil Services Company Procured and installed fiber optic cables along the ROW, installed all valves and instruments at the pig trap end and at the block valve station.
  4. AKT also installed cathodic protection system for the entire pipe work, block valve station, launchers and receivers station.
  5.  AKT Oil Services Company constructed all ROW access roads, valve pits, warning signs, perimeter fencing in the project.

The Project was completed within 2 years of its award and recorded over One million man hours of work without incident.