Framework agreement for pipeline intergrity intervention. (Pipeline Rehabilitation and Maintenance project)


This Project was awarded to AKT Oil Services Company by the Basrah Gas Company (BGC) on the 25th of April 2018. This project was awarded as a follow up intervention on the Close Internal Potential Survey (CIPS) scope carried out by AKT Oil Services Company under the EPC Cathodic protection System installation project, performed on over 1000km of BGC‘s networked pipeline across Iraq.

April 25, 2018

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Project details
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This project entailed a detailed investigation on the potential bad spots detected in the pipeline network.

This involved:

  1. Spot identification of the damaged sections of the entire pipeline networks. (230 dig up locations)
  2. Pipeline section dig-up using hydrovac and manual excavation means.
  3. Pipeline coating removal on all exposed pipeline up to 20 meters from identified bad and or corroded spots.
  4. Pipeline scale removal/cleaning by special grit blasting for the entire exposed pipeline surface.
  5. Perform pipeline surface integrity inspection generate report and proffer solutions to client for review.
  6. Perform any of the following repairs;
  7. Complete repainting of the entire exposed and cleaned pipeline.
  8. Painting of the entire pipeline surface with high yield epoxy paint.
  9. Re-wrapping of the entire pipeline surface with two layers of anti-corrosive pipeline wrapping tape. Bitutape®
  10. Pipeline final coating inspection and backfilling of the exposed section.

AKT Oil Services Company was responsible for providing all material, consumables, tools, equipment and manpower required for the completion of this project.

The project was completed successfully within schedule without incidence.

On this project, AKT Oil Services Company Recorded 0 LTI on 236,135 Man-hour of work.