Assembling and installation of five metering skids 10" 20" 22" 32" 38" at Basrah gas companys NGL North Romaila Iraq


This project was awarded directly to AKT Oil Services Company by Loops Automation UAE for the installation of five number metering skids at the Basrah Gas Company NGL in North Romaila.

January 15, 2018

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Project details
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  1. The Site survey, surface and subsurface clearance at the metering skids installation sites.
  2. Equipment installation layout planning.
  3. Construction and installation of concrete supports for the skids installation.
  4. Equipment material Unboxing, parts identification, assembling and installation of 5 No. metering skids unit.
  5. Fabrication of adjoining and connecting spools NDT plus hydrostatic testing.
  6. Flange management and helium nitrogen leak testing of all fully assembled skid flanges.
  7. Perform heavy and strategic lifting operations and coordination within skid plant site limited space.
  8. Manage very tight shut-down schedule and Pre-commissioning assist.
  9. Underground cable laying and cable tray installation from all skids to the central control room, (Approx 6km length of cable was installed)

The skids were fully connected and pre-commissioned a clear 48 hours before the scheduled plant shutdown completion time.

AKT Oil Services Company recorded on this project 0 LTI on 6,135 Man hours of work.