ISG Iraq southern gas utilization project


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January 1, 2017

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Project details
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  1. The engineering analysis and design for the crossover piping network and all concrete supports needed for the installation of a metering skid between two valve tie-in points.
  2.  The construction of a crossover piping to link the BIN UMR Gas export line and the KAZ Slug catcher inlet through a metering skid.
  3. The construction of a foundation for the metering skid.
  4. The transportation and installation of a 7 tonne Emerson Gas Metering Skid onto the skid foundation.
  5. Construction of a 150 meter 2 inch underground drain pipeline linking the metering skid drain connection to the station drain network.
  6. Carrying out of all pre-commissioning works for the fabricated piping .
  7. Installation and testing of insulation gaskets at both ends of the tie-in points.
  8.  Full installation of a 24volts solar power station to provide power to the instruments on the Emerson Gas metering skid.
  9. Construction and installation of concrete supports and sleepers for the crossover connecting piping to the metering skid assembly.
  10. Electrical earthing works for all installed facility.
  11. Nitrogen inerting and commissioning assist for the start-up of the installed facility.

The project was completed successfully within the project schedule.