36" Shamiya temporary compressor hot tapping project


This project was awarded on the 8th of April 2017. AKT Oil Services Company was awarded this contract by Basrah Gas Company (BGC) to install a 20 inch tie-in valve on tee connection via hot taping to the 36" South Rumaila gas gathering header pipeline at the Shamiaya Temporary Compressor site in south of Romaila.

April 8, 2017

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Project details
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The project involved:

1. Site survey, excavation and preparation of the buried pipeline at the given coordinate for the branched connection.

2. Design and supply of the split tee, drilling equipment and tools pus the specialized man power needed for the safe execution of this project.

3. Locate a suitable hot tap point, site/surface preparation, UT check for actual pipeline wall thickness, calculate and confirm safe flow requirement for in-service welding.

4. Pipeline integrity inspection, surface preparation, heavy strategic lifting, inline service welding and NDT inspection.

5. Installation of the hot tapping machine and hot tap execution.

6. Pipeline painting, construction of a valve pit and site safety demobilization for other contractor to proceed with the final pipeline connection.

The project was completed successfully ahead of scheduled time without any incidence.

On this project, AKT Oil Services Company Recorded 0 LTI on 710 Man-hour of work.