30 inch pipeline sectional replacement and rehabilitation project


This Project was awarded to AKT Oil Services Company by the Basrah Gas Company (BGC).This project site is located inside the Quarinat compressor station and along the CS Shamiaya to CS Quarinat 30” pipeline route.This project involved; excavation, cold cutting and replacement of approximately 350meters section of the 30” Qurainat Compressor Station – Shamir Compressor Station dry gas Pipeline including all necessary works required to successfully complete and commission the 30” pipeline.AKT successfully cold cut off the damaged sections of the depressurized pipeline, hooked up all replacement sections by tie-in and reinstalled the site. All work was completed within 8 days of shut down time through ensuring efficiency in planning of construction activities and working extended hours.

January 1, 2016

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Project details
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1.    Project site survey and determination of best job execution methods.

2.    Procurement of all hot bends needed for the project.

3.    Trench excavation in dense underground and above ground facility crossing terrain.  

4.    Construction of a new length of pipeline parallel to the replacement section.

5.    Line purging of the depressurized existing gas pipeline.

6.    Cold cutting of the damaged section of the damaged pipeline.

7.    Evacuation of the line contents. (Condensate)

8.    Hook up of the newly constructed bypass pipeline to the gas pipeline stream.

9.    Site re-installment and ready for commissioning.

The project was completed successfully within schedule without incidence.

On this project, AKT Oil Services Company Recorded 0 LTI on 986 Man-hour of work.