This Project was awarded to AKT Oil Services Company by the Basrah Gas Company (BGC) in April 2016.This project site is located inside the 48” sludge catcher station at the BGC KAZ plant location.The project aimed to install a crossover bypass piping through a 24” metering skid unit between the 30” BIN UMR export pipeline and the 48” Zubair Slug catcher inlet piping.

April 1, 2016

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Project details
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1.     The design, manufacture, testing and delivery of a 30" X 24" spilt Tee fitting for Hot Tapping on the BIN UMR 30 inch pipe section.

2.     The design, manufacture, testing and delivery of a 48" X 24" spilt Tee fitting for Hot Tapping on the Slug Catcher 48 inch pipe section.

3.     Hot tap location identification, surface cleaning, performing of pipe integrity inspection and point preparation at the two hot tapping locations.

4.     Carrying out all relevant documentation, WPS, PQR &, WQT.

5.     Provision of all skilled manpower and special equipment required for the execution of the job.

6.     Carry out proper fit-up and in-service welding of the split tees unto the tie-in points.

7.     Installation of the tie-in valves and executing hot tapping at the two tie-in locations.

8.     The construction of a valve pit at the hot tap location on the 30 inch BIN UMR pipeline.

Metering SKID Installation.

1.    1. Construction of concrete foundation and slab for the installation of the metering skid at the site location.

2.    2. Unboxing and transportation of the metering skid unit from the client yard to the site location.

3.    3. Heavy and critical lifting of the metering skid into position.

4.   4. Unboxing and completion of assembling of loose materials on the metering skid.

5.    5. Fabrication of adjoining piping to connect the metering skid to the inlet and outlet hot tap valves.

6.    6. Flange management of the entire assembled piping system and metering skid.

7.    7. Nitrogen inerting of the closed system and painting.  

The project was completed successfully in November 2016 within schedule and without incidence.

On this project, AKT Oil Services Company Recorded 0 LTI on 1500 Man-hour of work.