20" pipeline sectional replacement and rehabilitation works inside Shamiya compressor station


This Project was awarded to AKT Oil Services Company by the Basrah Gas Company (BGC) The Project entailed, to restore the integrity of a damaged 20" pipeline section inside the Shamiaya station conveying first stage gas from the Degassing station to the high energy separator (HES) unit.

January 1, 2018

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Project details
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It was proposed to cut and abandon the defective pipeline section and replace it with a new bypass section of approximately 200m long that shall in part be above ground on concrete sleepers/supports along the planned route.

1.     Decommissioning the old existing 20” pipeline, exposing the pipeline along its route where possible, cold cut and remove damaged sections to the dump site.

2.      Perform trenching at the tie-in points to create adequate work space for hot tie-in welding works.

3.     Construction of concrete sleepers and its installation along the pipeline route.

4.     Construction of the new ~200 meters above ground section which is to be installed on precast concrete pipe supports/sleepers through the client's proposed route.

5.     Performing all associated de-commissioning works to made to the abandoned pipeline, valves, adjoining piping and supports. This included venting, nitrogen purging and end sealing of the disused pipeline.

6.     Performing pre-commissioning works on the new pipeline and prep it ready for commissioning.

7.     Performing all construction related hot tie-ins, install insulation flanges, carry out flange management and painting.

The project was completed successfully within schedule without incidence.

On this project, AKT Oil Services Company Recorded 0 LTI on 1038 Man-hour of work.